house on the beach

This unique beach house was inspired by the tetrapod, a four-legged concrete structure used as armour unit on breakwaters. Thanks to its unusual form, this beach house satisfies two very different demands.First of all, it complies with its traditional task, which is the defense against coastal erosion by dissipating the force of incoming waves. And secondly it performs another function making the virgin coastlines accessible to people by serving as a beach house,In the 21st century it is a necessity to incorporate ecological friendliness into our lives.  By using the tertrapod as a beach house we offer a marvelous place for rest and relaxation while protecting our coastlines.The form of the tetrapod arouses many discussions amongst people. Some find it beautiful, others think that it disfigures and spoils the beauty of the shoreline. Will they have the same opinion when awaken by the music of the waves they will look out the window of there summer home to find a breathtaking view of the sea?The tetrapod beach house is composed of three rooms, the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom and bathroom. Daylight ventures inside by four windows placed in the four “legs” of the tetrapod.