Polish House

A house designed for a four-person family (two plus two). For people who value privacy and dream of a cottage which would be in harmony with the surroundings, but modern and unique at the same time. The house has been designed on a parcel of 2,000 square metres, adjacent to an old orchard to the north and east. The building was conceived to become part of the Polish countryside and resemble post-war buildings. Its form consists of two adjacent solids which are shifted by two metres from each other. The result is a solid with a unique Z-shaped atrium. In the bungalow there are three bedrooms with bathrooms, a study, a living room, kitchens with a pantry and a double garage. The private part is separated from the public part with a corridor. In the central part of the house there is the atrium of 55 square metres consisting of two parts: one for children and one for guests. On the north wall of the atrium there is a 12 metres high chimney built of red brick on
which there is a kind of nest used by children as a tree house. It can be accessed only form the atrium and one of the rooms. Thanks to many glazings the interior of the house gives the impression of being open to the surroundings. The impression is that of a large space although the metric area of single rooms is not big. Natural wood and white predominate. What contributes to the uniqueness of the interior is the use of decorative elements typical of old cottages such as icons and richly ornamented stove tiles which were used to build the kitchen island.