Twig Bridge

Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the Bug River The intention behind our design of a bridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the Bug River, near Niemirow, was to create a form that would perfectly harmonize with the surroundings –beautiful and wild nature of the Bug Valley. The bridge is not to dominate the natural space, only to complement it.
For hundreds of years people have been using fallen boughs to get on the other side of a river, therefore fallen trees have become the main inspiration for the design. Over the years, wild plants will penetrate on the structure made of drawn metal sheets so that it will gradually blend with its surroundings and become their natural part without disturbing their harmony. Thanks to its form, which resembles a bough, the elements of the bridge – its piers – develop in a natural way, just as other spaces which complement it – observation decks or a ramp leading to an island.
A steel structure of spans was proposed (box sections). The spans should be fully prefabricated and delivered to the construction site, e.g. by waterway. The bridge spans are set on piers of the steel box structure which again are set on reinforced concrete foundations in the river bed. The structure of the bridge has five points of support. The traffic surface of the bridge for pedestrians and cyclists is covered with wood, the colour of which matches the lining of the bridge.
The lighting of the bridge is placed between the outer and inner metal sheets and for the sake of energy efficiency, photo cells are used.